Pop Culture Re-work**

Friday, May 1, 2009

** publisher's note, I felt free to improvise on 'pop-culture'

Okay, so who is it for me?

Do I always forgive Matthew McConaughey because he is HOT! Even if he did do a movie with SJP - whom I despise - oh I love me some Carrie Bradshaw, but SJP is just stupid. ;)
Do I always forgive Obama, because....well, just because?

Nope - it is this little lady. She gets all the love no matter what.

Hubs, your right behind her - trust me.



themom said...

Don't mind me...I'm just going to hang here and drool over Matthew's picture. He was on a morning show today and he definitely gets my attention.

Mnmom said...

And YOU will always get a pass from me for calling her boo-boo-la-la

Ann(ie) said...

*sigh* Matthew. I lurve him. I'm gonna hang and drool with themom.

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