Rainy weekends always make me cook

Monday, June 8, 2009

J-dogg had baseball in Burnsville this weekend...don't ask they were out after three games.
Hubby says they are "getting better as they go and that is better than last year when they were great and then got bad."

Friday night - the game was too early for me to make it home from work, so I stayed at work and got all my homework for this class DONE. YEAH - should be another A quarter keeping my 4.0 gpa intact.

Saturday - Boo Boo La La and I had swimming lessons and I had a "come to Jebus" meeting with the pool director. Seriously over two months FOUR instructors??? And they only meet on Saturday!!! Interestingly this is a NEW pool director and he was cleaning house, agreed with me and was going to share my venting with his staff when he has his "come to Jebus" meeting with them today.
We went home to make a nice big lunch for the boys, then the evening game got rained out and we decided to have another BIG dinner of steak. I was stuffed.

Sunday - Because of the rainout they had an early morning game and I called the hubs to discuss what Boo Boo La La and I should bring when we arrived later that morning...no need, they were losing and would be done for the day.

So, what do I do??? Cook MORE. Damn Food Network and how much I love to watch Ina on rainy days. (p.s. it is AWESOME lasagna.)
So, poke me if I don't move too much. I am a stuffed walrus today.


Dr. Monkey Von Monkerstein said...

Ina is a goddess.

Anonymous said...

Can you really cook too much? I think NO. We have been cooking a lot lately too. I love no cook nights.

MommyLisa said...

Dear Doctor, yes - I agree I love me some Ina!

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