I do not want to be angry...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This morning they were talking on the radio about a new reality show where plus-sized girls are competing for a "husky guy". (The radio guy's word, not mine!) And he started talking about the backlash created when one of the girls said something about it being time for "normal-sized" people to have a show. (again someone else's word, not mine!) The backlash is coming from the size 6-8-10's who wonder if 14-16 is NORMAL; what are they? Okay I get that, but....
WHO THE FRICK CARES!!!???!!!???!

YOU are a size 6-8-10~! The last time I was a size 10 I was borderline bulemic and ran 10 miles a day to keep myself at the "normal" weight of 145lbs.

WHAT is "normal"? Is it the average of everyone? Guess WHAT!!! That means whatever YOU are is "normal" for YOU!!! And only YOU!!!!

Here is me 6 months after I had my daughter at a "normal" 14-16. I was happy, wanted to lose about 5-10 more pounds, but felt GOOD about myself.

Here is me 9 months after my daughter was born...I put on about 5 more pounds, but it was OKAY...I still fit in my Calvin Klien size 16 khaki's. All is good.
Then, I quit pumping at 9 months - still breastfed morning, nights and weekends - the weight began to creep up more....

At twenty-two months I quit breastfeeding - YES, 22 MONTHS I breastfed my daughter and forgot entirely how to eat normally and the weight PILED on from there...to NOW.

I weigh 12 lbs more than the day I gave birth to my gorgeous girl. And I am working sooooo hard to get back to "normal". I am sick, sick, sick of everyone talking about their weight.

It makes me so mad I want to scream...

The ONLY time I WORRY about it is when other people talk about it.
DAMN IT ALL....now I am crying....(I was NOT going to cry over this...)


My grandmother told me my whole life, "You have a PERFECT shape." And that is how I feel inside. I am a perfect shape...when I do NOT listen to other people I am fine....I have to keep that in my head! (even if it IS hard to do.)

And you need to PUT IT in your child's head.

Do not EVER tell my daughter (OR ANY CHILD) she is too thin, too chubby, too much or not enough of ANYTHING.

She has a PERFECT shape. period.


Whiskeymarie said...

I'm totally with you on this- it seems like weight/size is ALL you hear about anymore.

I think that, the more people talk about it, the more we (as women) obsess about it. Argh. I'm sick of it and I'm sick of being held up to some ridiculously unattainable standard.
Seriously, world- enough already.

Chris H said...

All my life I have had family call me 'fat, ugly, bigger than an elephant, disgusting... ' you get the drift...
And I am SO OVER IT all.
I am MORE than a number on the scales.
I am MORE than a size.
I am so much MORE than all of that crap.
Yet I hate being overweight... I don't feel good physically more than anything else.
I don't give a rat's arse what OTHER people think any more...
but I do care how I FEEL.
So, it's a never ending battle... and one I will win eventually.
ONWARD.... for both of us.

Unknown said...

like lots of things- they make it worse by POUNDING IT TO DEATH

variety- normal is subjective

normal to one guy is crazy to another

I am sure Charlie wakes up in prison every day and thinks he is "normal"

BOOBS I tell ya- they are all BOOBS!

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