Society - Are we too Casual?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My good friend Amy came into town from Orlando, Florida for just a few days - we planned ahead and she could make time to meet me for dinner. I love to meet her anywhere when she comes to town, she always brings good treats from Florida. This time it was coconut-orange marmalade, but I love her even without the cute treat!!! Besides, this time she lost her deodorant so I brought her a fresh one from my bathroom stash; don't laugh I stock up on EVERYTHING.
But, the point here is that we met at Stella's Fish Cafe in uptown - nice views and excellent seafood in the heart of Uptown.

I saw a group of young girls, early twenties I think, and they were dressed nicely - except one girl who was seriously dressed like this: I mentioned to my dining companions - all wearing nice dress/skirt/sandals and tasteful jewelry -- that I think we are WAY TOO CASUAL these days and they heartily agreed. Amy said she would hardly EVER wear the dress she had on in Florida, which was cute BTW and in a pic on my Facebook, because NO ONE dresses up there.

I bemoaned the fact I can hardly EVER get my stepdaughter to wear anything but jeans, t-shirt and the most GINORMOUS college/high school sweatshirts. I used to DRESS UP for school and would only wear such a combo if it were cold and I had morning swim practice - and even then RARELY!

Our other companion Cassie said - and she works at the airport as a flight attendant - (or terrorist bait object as my friend Susie said one time; she is also a sexy stew!) "Just think of the crap and pj's people wear on planes these days."

Which led me to yesterday. I mean if you are getting a big job opportunity, you should DRESS the part like this classy gentleman.

NOT this itinerant sharecropper who looks like they plucked him out of the fields.

COME ON! With $12M you could not find a clean hat at least?
So I leave you with this video of people who look good no matter what they wear, and GM is forgiven jeans because he is a pop star- or was at the time. Sorry there is a commercial at the start, it is on GM's YouTube Channel.

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Whiskeymarie said...

I'm so sick of seeing people in their PJ's and SLIPPERS out and about. To me, that says that you've pretty much given up on life or that you just flew in from the Maury Povich show.

Yes, we are too casual. I totally agree.

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