Hold it now...

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So, just a quick post now - I do not have time for blogger to figure out how to upload my pictures so I can tell my story from vacation.

But, I did say I would tell you about it and I have been very lax.

  1. Sair laid in bed and on the couch a lot - read The Other Woman by Jane Green. It was one I offered her, but she went to go buy her own book and came back with it...weird huh? She liked it and I had too last summer.
  2. J-Dogg spent most of his time on the jet ski. On our last day he ran over a Northern Pike and killed it - he pulled it up on the jet ski and brought it back so we would believe him. Uh, gross!
  3. T-bone enjoyed golfing. I went with him twice.
  4. Boo Boo La La just wanted to go down the slide at the pool or go to 'da beeech!
  5. Me? I do not care much as long as everyone has a good time and no fighting - which this year there really was none. Nope, J-dogg and Sair were actually pretty civil to each other. I would prefer they get off their patooties and help with the dishes more, but - you cannot have everything. Oh, and...
  6. I got my legs a little tanner to match my arms - skin cancer-smancher - I look better with a little color. (and I use SPF 30-50 so nyah!)


lisahgolden said...

Vacation? Sounds wonderful to me!

themom said...

A vacation is great with no spats! I too, would always wish for a little more help...but an obstacle easily overcome.

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