Am I too Minnesotan?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Yesterday I had an offsite meeting with a potential new client...which is exciting, but my boss was "joining" me. (that is another story) I needed something that I had not had for weeks and weeks and

I pulled into McDonald's. Yes, I did not even go for the good stuff - I felt like I was nine and sneaking coffee in the church basement.

I say into the speaker that I want a skim milk latte, medium. The cheerful sounding woman said "A vanilla lattee?" No, plain. No syrup, just a latte. "No syrup?" like that was weird?

I get to the window to pay and she again says - "You want that with NO SYRUP and NO SWEETNER?" Yes, I say - I am dum bum. No reaction from this woman who is not YOUNG by any stretch - maybe 50-ish???? Uh...that was a joke. I say... continued blank stare. Okay, Thank you.

So, am I too Minnesotan? Or was she just dropped in our fair state by aliens?

Garrison Keillor has made a career out of making fun of Scandinavian Lutheran's in our fair state - and I have meet people from FAR AND WIDE who have heard of him and know Lutheran jokes.

To be fair, I am:

a mix of a little of 'dis and 'dat
I do say "Uff da" a fair amount
I say "That's different." when I do not want to offend you.

So, was it me? Or maybe it was that she was working the drive through at McDonald's?

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