I am having mixed emotions...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

So - I am now two courses away from FINALLY earning my B.S.

no no no - I KNOW I am full of B.S., but I never actually earned my degree back when I attended the University of Minnesota (Rah-Rah-Rah for Ski-U-Mah!).

I lost most of my financial aid because I was working full-time and not taking a full-load of courses and just felt like my degree path was stupid, so I quit...

And did I ever tell you I was about 7 classes away from graduating?



And went into radio - DO NOT LAUGH! I was a dj for 8 loooooooooong years. At stations from Ottumwa, IA to Indianapolis, IN - From Alexandria, MN to Minneapolis, MN - and a few random useless months in Mankato, MN doing the AM Drive and reading the farm reports.

I had it ALL baby!

But, then I got a job at Capella University and school would be FREE! Who turns down FREE SCHOOL??? Not me, I kind of liked school and now - well now I could get a degree that actually might help me in business.

So, I have a 4.0 gpa - I have had to finance school myself for two years and I have TWO STINKING CLASSES LEFT! (I do not work at Capella anymore, but HEY to all my friends who still work there!)

This morning I opened my latest textbook and school starts again on Monday. I almost felt like crying...my second to last textbook ever! I do not think I will go for the MS in Education like I used to say - unless I get FREE SCHOOL again.

I am at a turning point. I can feel something is going to happen...but what?

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