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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I found a thing that morphs me to and from looking like Kim Cattrall...totally funny.

Anyway, today is story time as I was reminded in the comments on my last blog of

A very long time ago now, my daughter was just a few weeks old and often did not yet want to sleep at night. We usually dozed most during the middle of the day, right after Ellen and right before daddy came home from work.

Sometimes at night when she could not sleep and I wanted at least ONE of us to get rest I would take her for a little car ride.

It was during one of these little jaunts that I was reminded it was BAR CLOSING TIME. OH SH-IIIIT! There are probably drunks on the road I better keep a watchful eye out...


A car goes WHIZZING past me north on Highway 100, the speed limit is 60 here, but he had to be going 90 at least. I did not even see him until he was on my a&& and doing the out, over, cutinfrontofyousocloseyoucannotseehisbumper move.

I was breathing fast and kind of scared and very glad we would soon be home and that BooBooLaLa was now fast asleep.

THEN, it happend.

I come upon the crazy speed racer and a lovely lovely cop car giving him his ticket.


JennyMac said...

thats called Karma...and it doesnt always happen, does it? LOL.

Shall I call you Kim now?

Anonymous said...

Karma is a b---h. ha

kim catrell rocks;)

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