The Moon & The Boats

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

On my iGoogle I have a widget called "The Mixx" where there are many odd and many beautiful stories - I click on them and read, but today I clicked and looked at an Artist who is known for his paintings of the sea...the work above, The Moon and The Boats was the feature.

Beautiful. And pretty much how he is described on the Umbra Gallery website.

"True beauty is irresistible. It evokes an intense desire to look at it, to possess it, for us to identify with it. With his paintings, George Dmitriev can bring the viewer closer to the beauty.
In his seascapes he depicts the avidness of the waves, the champagne party of the exuberant breakers, and the transparent splendor of the aquamarine depths. It is striking that people are most often missing in the canvasses of George Dmitriev. In his art only one person is central, and that is the one who is looking at the painting.
But the almost hallucinating suggestion that comes out of his work is so strong that the viewer gets the feeling that he is actually a part of what is depicted: he is wading through the sea, he is standing at the beach watching the sun go down. He comprises a part of the irresistible beauty."

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supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

That blue is a- mazing.

thx for the advice for MnM.. I love it.


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