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Friday, October 23, 2009

This morning I was working out in my living room - My Fitness Coach has the option of turning down (or up I guess) the volume on the three elements. Voice, Music, Effects. - yes effects like birdies and crickets and the wind. It is a cool Wii game after all...

Anyway, I decided last week to turn down the music and listen to The Current while I work out. I am a member of The Current (why aren't you yet?) and they do not play commercials.


I heard this song during my warm-up and it brought up all these music and boy memories for me. Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic. hmmmmmm, in a good way.

You see I was an odd one in my high school. Do not get me wrong, I appreciate and love a lot of pop music and classic rock, but I LURVE me some skinny white boy, crazy alternative, blues, rap, raggae - combo stuff too. I did hang out with some odd skinny white boys too. ;) Oh, and the original rapper - Johnny Cash Jewish boy too, but that was later.

I grew up and attended Chaska Senior High School. The home of the Hawks, boys who listend to KQRS, girls who were in LOVE with Prince - an obsession feuled to inferno when the Huntsberry girls started attending our little high school, some people who liked old school Marvin Gaye & Barry White, and then me.

I think I was the only person in my whole class that would rather listen to The Police, Adam and The Ants, or The Thompson Twins than listen to Prince. (Prince, you are a genious and all, but woman cannot live on Purple Rain alone - not this one anyway.) And imagine being the first person in your high school to have cable television MTV and access to bands like The Specials and The Buggles? We lived across the street from the school and it just worked out that my dad WANTED cable, he had a pirate HBO antena already, and they were stringing the cable from the school where the cable tv studio/office was going to be located.

What is the point of this rambling post? Nothing much. It is a rainy gloomy day and this music makes me feel 19 instead of 42.

Enjoy your weekends my dear little alternative rockers.

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Unknown said...

yep you were an ODD one but so was I
and the pic on my blog is my new treatment

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