Ah, the days as a little sister at Sigma Nu...

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

When I was at the University of Minnesota (Gooooooo, GOPHERS!) I was a little sister at Sigma Nu with my friend Sarah Merck - I hardly ever called her Sarah, she was - and still is to me - MERCK!

Being a little sister meant that you could hang out at the house - and they had an excellent television room right on the main floor with comfy couches. I would plop there after class and watch...


This was the best show that EVER EVER EVER appeared on MTV.

My Super Sweet Sixteen? Give me a break.

16 and Pregnant? GO AWAY!!!

Remote Control was the BEST SHOW EVER.

I was very sad to hear yesterday that the host, Ken Ober, had passed away.

You may be wondering and thinking - Oh he has not been doing anything and I bet he died of a drug overdose - or suicide.

Nope. He was recently producing for "The New Adventures of Old Christine." The report here indicates he may have died from the flu. He also was doing a lot of writing.


He will surely be missed.

So watch this and be amazed at his ability to control this crazy, fun, super show.

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Shell said...

I remember that show!

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