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Monday, November 2, 2009

This week SupahMommy and MommyBrain want you to either;
a: feed us some good details about you and your significant other's love life
b. take a load off and hand over your assignment to someone special

CHOICE A. Inspiration Point

Tell about:

1. A time you got 'caught' in the midst of inspiration point.

2. What is it about your significant other that makes your emoticon wink wink?
( push through the irritation over the dirty socks on the couch- u can do it!)

3. Do you have a funny story about a time when your saucy-time .. went array?


Inspiration Points

Your significant other or your BFF ( OR someone who knows you) to finish some , one or all of these phrases ( listed below) about you.

Their choice.

See if you can post it without reading it. So that it can be a inspiring surprise for next Monday.
However - I followed MommyBrain and am re-telling the tale of the night we met!

Imagine June 1999 - it is HOT and HUMID in Minnesota and my brother, my buddy Kyle Ann and I decide we need some cold beers and sweaty singing. We head up to NordEast to hang at a place called Arrones -- not sure I would go there anymore, but at the time the bartender Mike* and the Karaoke chick were tons of fun --

I was wearing (or it was stuck to me) a cute Target grey tank top with blue flowers on it and these army green cargo pants I got at Abercrombie & Fitch. One day I hope to fit back into those things...the pants, I mean.

We sit on one side of the bar, Mike* gives us a cold one, and we begin to pick out our songs. If I remember accurately I probably sang (forgive me):
But, wait! There at the "mic" is a cute guy in polo and shorts - and he is SINGING "Pretty Woman" ....I wonder if he will do the... Oh yeah, he can growl like Roy Orbison, SWEET!
I lean into Kyle Ann and say,

L - There is my boyfriend.
KA - HE's too old.
L - Too old for you maybe. Remember I have a few years on ya babe.
Brother Pete- HEY, should I go get my "Chocolate Salty Balls" cd and sing that?

Polo shirt and shorts finishes singing and starts to work his way around the bar to where we are sitting and gets halted by "Trucker Girl" wanting him to play pool.

L- Bitch, get away from my boyfriend.
KA - You need another drink.
FINALLY about midnight Polo shirt sits at the barstool next to mine -being the smooth chick I am I lean over toward him and say -
"You're cute, what is your name?"
Yes folks that is how I met the madman I am married to...he will say he sang the song because HE saw me first, I buy that, but he will also say that he TALKED to me first and that is a
bold-faced lie.
Just ask Kyle Ann, she was there. Unless she had too many Long Islands that night. ;)
* God bless Mike wherever you are!!(he died a few years ago, we went to the funeral. THAT is how charming this bartender was.)

p.s. the line I used on my hubby worked EVERY TIME. Single? Use it tonight!


Melissa said...

Cute story.... I like a woman who "takes initiative"!! :-)
I actually had to kiss Joe first... otherwise we would probably still be friends!!

Lee said...

That is a great story!! New follower!!

MommyBrain said...

You had to ask for his name. I had to ask for the first kiss. What's up with these laid-back guys?! Or are we just aggressive man-killers?! Hee, hee!

Great story ... makes me want to a) sing karaoke and b) watch Pretty Woman.

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love your story!

supahmommy- somethin's wrong with that girl said...

Rooowlll I love that you deemed him your boyfriend.

I'd do the same exact thing!
and i just can't forgive you for
"touch myself."

really? lmao!!
did you sing that night?
xoxo supah

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I love stories of how people met. That was a great one :) We use to have a bar just like that....except we would drink "Tidal Pools" and there was a very large woman who use to carry my friend Joey around over her shoulder after he sang (i guess she liked the way he sang).

MommyLisa said...

SUPAH! OF COURSE I sang "Touch Myself"! It was the days of Austin Powers and his infamous dance to 'blow up' the FemBots.


We used to do karaoke at LEAST once a week.

What happend to us? ;)

Courtney said...

Love it!!

Chief said...

what a great story! I think its hysterical you had to ask for his name

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