What the heck is YOUR excuse?

Monday, November 30, 2009

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Dear Readers,

Please excuse Mommy Lisa from the Monday MeME because:

  1. She spent Thanksgiving with her MIL

  2. She drove 2 hours with her daughter to see her Grandmother and Aunt & Uncle on Friday -

  3. just to return on Saturday

  4. Go shopping at Trader Joe's

  5. Make super fabulous lasagna

  6. Teach Sunday School

  7. Finish homework

  8. Take Boo boo la la to the Y to go swimming (on the FREE WEEKEND at the Y) AND THEN

  9. process end of month items and leave work in time to go to her mom's house for a FINAL round of Thankgsgiving...

Happy Cyber Monday my bloggy friends.


BJ_Mama said...

Okay, you're excused...but only cuz you made super fabulous lasagna

Mnmom said...

I say you're excused too, because in the middle of all that you still managed to take a little one swimming.

I forgot all about our town's free turkey skate at the indoor rink. But I won't forget our Santa Skate!

Lee said...

You went swimming! I am so kidded out, I might go and take a nap.

MommyBrain said...

The thought of being in a bathing suit right now ... not this baby bump ... not pretty! Although I bet the floating sensation would feel pretty awesome on my sore back ... tough call!

Glad you had a busy and enjoyable weekend ... take this week to recooperate ;)

Working Mommy said...

Sounds like you either need a shot (of vodka...or rum...or insert liquor) or a nap! Good grief!

~Working Mommy
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Chief said...

you had me at MIL. dear lawd, I totally forgive you

Shell said...

It's a wonder any of us find time to be on here, isn't it?

G said...

my life begins and ends at trader joes. seriously.

Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes!

Abatevintage said...

You are defenitaly excused wow that is quite a bit you have been doing this week/weekend.

God bless don't forget to rest a little.


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