So - my neighborhood is more urban than sub-urban

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Even though I technically live in a suburb, Minneapolis is across the street.

We get our fair share of crime (mostly non-violent) and, because we are near a hospital with a trauma department, we also get lots of ambulances.

About a year and a half ago my husband was home working on a car - 10am on a weekday - and someone stole a saw right out of our garage. He threw the part he took off my car and shattered their back window as they drove off... (The cop who came asked him why he did that...ummm, he was pissed off?)

This rambling leads me to the story of the morning. We have a neighbor, nice enough neighbor that says hello, asks about your family; but you see - he is an alleged CRIMINAL.

Like seriously.

Since we moved in there have been people coming and going at all hours, a woman smashed up his garage by ramming it with her car repeatedly - I helped provide a statement to his insurance on that one, drunk stupid girls who waken my five week old child need to be punished! - his car has been towed by the police or finance companies about four or five times, and there have been at least two raids by the police on his residence where the removed computers, etc.

This morning I come down and see a strange white car idling by his garage and stop in my bay window and see a guy in a big puffy jacket trying to open his garage...WTF? Should I call the police? Damn it is so early, like not even 7am and its dark...Maybe that is one of Bernie's buddies.

I go downstairs to fire up the computer to work and like five or ten minutes later there is a

at my door that makes me JUMP!

I tentatively go up the stairs and lift the curtain on our door - PRAYING it is my husband and he forgot his key or something when he went to the gym.


Dude in strange white car and puffy jacket.

"Can I ask you a question?"

"NO!" - thanking god we have the alarm system, and noticing he has a clipboard like delivery men usually have...that is odd.

"I can't ask you a question? Do you know your neighbor over here B---- H----?"

ummm, you just asked me a question when I said NO, but playing along here. "Yes, I know him"

"Well he is behind on his car payments and I am here to reposses the car. I was wondering if this was a good address for him?"

WAY TO BURY THE LEAD BUDDY - THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE FIRST DAMN THING YOU SAID!!!! Idiot, wish I knew what company you worked for I would call and bitch them out...but no I am so PHREAKED THE FUCK OUT by this incident I just say...."Well, I have seen him a few times, but he comes and goes so I have no idea if he is living there."


I promptly drop the curtain and go downstairs to shake for ten minutes.

Damn people.


Anonymous said...

what a creepy way to start your day...Im sorry that happened, hopefully things have gotten better as the day has progressed?


T said...

Nice..your better than me, there is NO way i would have answered that door!

MommyLisa said...

I did not open it - our door has a big window in it.

Working Mommy said...

CREEP-TASTIC!!! What a morning!


Mnmom said...

What a way to start the day! What if you'd still been in bed? Did it wake the toddler?

Whiskeymarie said...

Ugh- I hate when other people's crap gets dragged into my life. Leave me out of it, I say.

I think I have a drug dealer two doors down from me, and I live in a fairly quiet neighborhood as well, if that makes you feel any better.

Loukia said...

Um... yeah... creepy!!!!

MommyLisa said...

Seriously I have a Hennipen County Council member just three doors down - nice families - Park Board Members - City of Minneapolis Council Members - all in my neighborhood. This neighbor is an abberation. I mean, he SEEMS like he fits in when you chat over the alley, then you see the raids, etc.


Rumor is that he is about to go into foreclosure on the house, so maybe not too long before it gets quiet.

G said...

wow that's crazyballs! be careful. buy weapons.

Anonymous said...

Other people's drama.... ugh. Here's hoping the loser is on his way soon. There was a guy like that in my brother's neighborhood.... COPS reject plopped right down in the middle of an exclusive bedroom community. We always figured it was some witness relocation deal.

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