What a busy day...

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday School - check
Shopping at Cub - check
Make and eat lunch - yum
Take Chicken out for dinner - defrosting!
Homework - check...five more days until my final paper is due!
Upload pictures and Videos? - well, the videos are up and emailed.
Finish addressing Christmas Cards - don't rush me I will get to it!!!
What about putting away the laundry? Have you done THAT? nope.

Okay - I took a break dang it and sent my Boo Boo La La a personalized Santa video email. Sue me! No wait, don't sue me...I don't have any money to give you anyway.

It is Christmas Time after all.

...and what have you been up to you good little girls & boys?


Shell said...

I have been a complete bum today. Worn out from the weekend. I actually changed back into pjs around 1pm and I'm staying in them all day.

I'll be productive tomorrow...maybe.

Anonymous said...

I have been so lazy, eating and surfing the web.... Like shell, I will be productive tomorrow;)


Courtney said...

I spent the day with my inlaws...it drained my energy. I'm with these other ladies...tomorrow productivity will increase. Maybe.

MommyLisa said...

Oh - THESECOND I got back home from the store I was in my pj's.

just sayin'


Working Mommy said...

Oh good grief!! What a day!


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