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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Last Friday the radio station mentioned it was that day in history the Rolling Stones were on Ed Sullivan - (Ehhhhd Sullivan, I wanna be on - Ed Sullivan!.) and had to change "Night" to "Time" here is the video:

So I thought. Hmmm, I wonder if I saw that. I mean, not REALLY saw it but if it were on in the background as my parents were hanging out that evening and decided to ask my mother.

This was her repsonse:

From: Mary Xxx []
Sent: Friday, January 15, 2010 10:21 AM
To: Lisa Sxxxxxxx
Subject: I want to be on Ed Sullivan!

Every time I think of Ed Sullivan I think of the musical with that Song (Ed Sullivan! I want to be on Ed Sullivan!). (Editor's Note: SO DO I MOM! Probably because we watched it on late night television all the time and my BROTHER played the Father who sang that song, Harry MacAfee!, when he was in High School.)
Yes, we probably were watching if we weren’t on the road coming home from grandma’s house. It seems like when we lived in South St Paul we went to Albert Lea almost every weekend so the grandmas could spoil you. As the first grandchild on either side you were in high demand; so off we’d go one weekend with Gma Xxx and the next with Gma Sxxxxx. We didn’t settle down in to our own routine until we moved to Blue Earth and got a dog.

Mary Xxx
Facility Accountant
The GXXXXX Group
110X ABC Boulevard Suite (Heavenly)

So, that was it.  I probably did because we did not get the dog until 1970!  ;)


Anonymous said...

hehe funny and cute ;)

T said...

does the fact that I have no clue what so ever of what your talking about mke me clueless or young?? I would like to go with young..thanks much!

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