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Friday, January 29, 2010

A friend commented on my Facebook status that I was AWESOME!  I love her for that because you see I have not been feeling particularly awesome.  And the funny part is:
  • I have had the best three months of sales EVER at this job.
  • I have lost about 20lbs since last October.
  • My baby is getting to be such a nice girl, outgoing and clever and CARING!
  • My family is all healthy.
  • My step-daughter got accepted to cool colleges.
  • I will be DONE with college myself in about 8 weeks...and I am still clinging to my 4.0.
So what is WRONG with me already? 

It must be the winter blahs.  So I have GOT to play along with My Life in Purple's new idea:

Because you know, I AM!
and so are YOU!

And just HOW am I fabulous today?  Well, last night I got my daughter and I packed, returned items to TWO stores, fed her dinner and a lovely snack, downloaded TWO movies to the iPod Touch for her to watch, then this morning, did laundry, did yoga, took a shower, made a list of what to do when packing the car tonight, finished packing, fed and dressed my Boo Boo La La (myself too I guess!), gassed up the car, got cash, went to the office, paid the bills, made another sale and a bunch of calls; and DESPITE the fact it is below zero I put these cute shoes in my purse so I could feel fabulous at the office! 
(I wore my Uggs in the car, still fab-u-lous! just warmer)

So, how are YOU celebrating your fabulous-ness today?


My Life in Purple said...


You are fabulous Mommy Lisa, beyond fabulous :)


Anonymous said...

Im celebrating with my new steve madden boots;)

Margaret said...

I love uggs but those shoes are super cute too!

Cathy said...

You are fabulous!

How am I celebrating....by depositing my pay check. I love pay day!

Tracie said...

Cute shoes! I'm wearing my new purple sunglasses. (I was when it was still daytime anyway.)

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