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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, August 13, 2008
Baby Names

Baby names were the topic of conversation on the radio station I listen to this morning.

They were discussing older names that have fallen from favor, Gertrude - Oliver - etc. And how people feel proprietary about the name they give their child.

I could relate so I called in...

You see, part of the reason I call my baby Boo Boo La La here is that I secretly do NOT want anyone to name their child the same name as mine...I LOVE the name, and LOVED that it was unique.

Imagine my distress when I had people begin to tell me they knew people with my baby's name.



darn it all to heck.

The ultimate sin was committed last week - and I called to share the story(essentially this is how it went down):

Radio Dj 1: Hey Lisa, you feel you have proprietary rights over your childs name, what is it?

Me: I am not going to tell you.

Radio Dj's: WHOAH! Really?

Me: No, I grew up with a super common name Lisa Ann - there were like 8 in my graduating class of 260 people. I wanted a unique name for my baby - I even researched it on the Social Security website to be certain it was not common.

Radio Dj 2: Oh, I guess we can't relate...(thier names are Liv and Colleen and they feel their names are not so common)

Me: Yes, and last week on vacation someone had the NERVE to tell me they knew a girl in their neighborhood that had my BBLL's name - AND was born within TWO WEEKS of my baby. I was so mad!!!

Radio Dj 1: Wow, and they live in MN

Me: Yup! I am livid.

So you see, I am CRAZY.

It is official.

AND I shared my crazy with everyone driving in their cars this morning at 8:05 am....


Working Mommy said... least you have admitted it...and that is the first step. But don't ask me what the next one is...I'm not there yet ;)


Cathy said...

I don't know why it's taken me 800 years to hit the follow button, but I am here and I will remember to do it this time!

I love unique names. Some friends of ours just named their son Oliver. I think it's adorable!

I have a secret name for the daughter I'm probably never going to have. But I can't tell you.

Shell said...

I love that you called in to share. Though, now, I'm dying to know her name. I can't remember if you've ever mentioned it.

Michelle said...

Oh dear Lord do I love you even more now. You have to message me with her name because now I am totally curious!!!

kris said...

That is so awesome.

I use my daughters' real names on my blog. And part of what I love about their names? Is their uniqueness.


If people start naming their daughters after my daughters?

I am going to be all kinds of pissed off.

So I am not even naming them here.


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