Valentine's Day is coming!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So yesterday I had to make a stop at CVS and Boo Boo La La was given the choice:
1) Go into the store with mommy.
2) Go through the drive through, just picking up RX

She chose:
3) Go into the store with mommy and get a TREAT!

Okay - I will play along I guess...and we go into the store and there is now


Boo Boo got Lik-a-Maid Fun Dip, looking for a picture of what that is...I found the COOLEST site!

They have a NERDdoodler of all things, you make pictures out of digitized Nerd candy! 
tee hee, I am goofy.

I saw that they had my favorite Valentine candy at 2 boxes for $1 and there are only about 25 kids in Boo Boo's class, so I bought an unopened box of 36 boxes of Sweethearts! 

I think, "What a GENIOUS I am!  I am all done for the Valentine party and its.not.even.FEBRUARY!  We can just use fancy pink and red sharpies to write her name on the box and "To my friend" like all the other mom's have done for the Halloween party.  I am FREAKING Martha Stewart here, well maybe Rachal Ray." 


We get to the pharmacy counter with the Lik-a-Maid and the Sweethearts, ask for the RX I came in for and the guy cannot ring up the Sweethearts! 

ACK don't open the box, don't open the box...I want a whole box so they do not get pilfered before the Valentine party!!

Instead of helping me by calling up to the front or something -  I had to run to the front, there was a LINE of people behind me at the pharmacy counter now, and grab a single box to bring back...with a very ticked off toddler in tow!
But now I wonder, are Sweethearts inappropriate for pre-schoolers?  The box showed a lot of "KISS ME" hearts...
They cannot really read anyway, right?


Anonymous said...

whats up with all the un helpful people working in stores now a days? Have they not heard of customer service?


Anonymous said...

I had to daughter always has to go in the (drug)store, too.

Cathy said...

"They cannot really read anyway, right?" HAHAHAHA Fav line of the whole story! You are smart buying a whole box and being ready for v-day!

Working Mommy said...

They'll be fine...even if they could read the candy will be in their mouths before you know it anyways!


Winchester Manor said...

You are too cute!

Reminds me of when my niece was little and would only go to the store with me if I would buy her something...sigh!

Good for you for being prepared well ahead of time. Seems the messages have gotten a little racier with time but they’re young and could care less what they say, they just want to eat them!

Have a great day sweet friend!

Love and hugs,

Raising Z and Lil C said...

I LOVE candy hearts!!! They are my FAVORITE :) I almost bought a box the other day but I refrained. Good for you having her Valentines Day stuff all done already.

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