The MUST HAVE jean of 1984...

Monday, March 22, 2010

Here is the deal - once again - we are playing with

an all about ME Meme

I MUST have it Monday!

What was it?
A benetton shirt?
Converse sneakers?
Jelly shoes?
There was ONE item that you wanted when you were a youth.
What was it?
You know, the one your begged and pleaded for.

The one you sold your soul for?
Show us a pic if you can and tell us a story about how you got it.
You know how this works!
Write us a post.
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This was Mommy Lisa's must have item of 1984...I remember all too well that the "cool kids" had these jeans...the tell-tale label across the zipper and the loop!

This mysterious loop below the button?  What did it mean? 
Where you supposed to pull it up over the button???
These jeans bewitched my 16 year old self...I had to have them, but my mother thought $39 was WAY too much to pay for jeans...she had already bought me three pairs of "Limited" brand jeans anyway. 

No, if I were to have them I had to pay for them myself....

Luckily, I had a job and access to my parents car!  So I drove to Ridgedale (which I thought was WAY cooler than Southdale at the time) and bought a pair, returning home promptly to wash them three-four times as was suggested by friends AND the sales girl at The Limited. 

Why?  I cannot even recall, but I do recall the dang things stretched out quite a bit after wearing them...and the cut kind of made me look "boxy". 
Considering I was a toned swimmer who weighed about 118 that is pretty sad! 

Conclusion:  I hardly ever wore the dang things...except their debut at our Mistletoe Madness dance.  I just thought they looked stupid on ME!   I wore my Limited jeans cuz they made my tush look the most awesome and mini-skirts to show off my legs.  Good thing the next big jeans were Guess - they looked way more awesome on me! 

Thanks to eBay for having sellers hawking old style Girbaud's!  :)  Yuck...the most ugly things on the planet now that I look at them.  Would not be caught dead.  But, I prefer trouser style jeans or SUPERDARK these days. 
(and to think I grew up in the acid wash eighties?)


My Life in Purple said...

Oh ML, I just finally realized our age difference and I love it.

My must have of '84? Breast milk and my pampers! hehe

Love ya woman ;)

Oka said...

seems like designer jeans are this weeks theme...funny how ppl wanted them no matter how they looked on their bodies, and some ppl continued to wear them just because of the brand

Anonymous said...

and anna nichole made all the boys love guess jeans

Messy Mommy said...

I was into Lawman's!

BNM said...

Haha a lot of these are about overpriced jeans :) Lol!!!
I love Guess Jeans!

Shell said...

I don't remember those, but I did want Guess jeans. I loved those things.

Kmama said...

LOL I had a few pair, but they were hand-me-downs from my cousin. And what was that loop???

Faux Martha said...

Swatch Watch...many Swatch Watches...and then Swatch Watch shirts......

Cathy said...

I never had a mom also thought they were too expensive, especially since I was in elementary school at the time, she knew I was just going to outgrow them!

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