Outing to the Coffee Shop

Saturday, March 20, 2010

When I was pregnant and realized that Boo Boo La La would be born in




the one thing I was determined NOT to do was hole up in the house and be afraid to take her outside.  I mean you have got to get over it...we have the Urban BundleMe, we have warm cars, warm clothing, and she would be about 50% Norwegian...100% Minnesotan!

We were planning an outing to my aunties coffee shop one evening when Boo Boo was almost 2 months old.  It was February...and it was
We had this outing planned to see a band at the coffee shop with my parents and both of my aunties would be working that night.  We went - and even dragged my step-daughter with us.

You can see how in love with Boo Boo my dad is right here...even Auntie Becky sees it...

Auntie Becky wanted to hold her - she was not psyched about us taking her picture, but she wanted that baby!  Auntie Lois thought she was too dirty from working in the kitchen, but she oood and ahhhd.

It was fun and everyone survived the trip across NE Mpls to the shop and home. 
even if it was


Oka said...

Great memories for all...guess you can't be scared of those temps if you live in Minnesota.

Ebony said...

aww. good times! glad you made warm, comforting tea out of iced tea. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh so tiny....below zero, brrrrrr....looks like fun was had by all;)

BNM said...

awww shes adorable!!!

Marla said...

Oh that baby!!! Good for you continuing to live life after baby....and in the Polar Ice Cap, no less. :-D

Cathy said...

Yeah, us MN babies are tough! We've got to learn how to handle the temps at an early age!

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