My brain! Boo Boo Saturday a day late...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

 Today has been a busy day for my sweet Boo Boo La La.  So far she has:

Catered a romantic dinner
Been the cook, waitress, bus boy and maitre' d.

Now her cute couple is off to the movies and she is their engine.

She came out to watch my hubby finish getting our hot tub up and running and had a peanut butter cup in her hot little hand...(mommy's fault we always have a bowl of mini chocolates on the table)..he asked her,

"Who said you could have that?"

without hesitation my dear darling girl said, "My Brain."

Enjoy your catered Sunday affair!!!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

That is super cute - what an independent thinker!!! Oh how I love pretend play!!!

Hey, I am from MN too - south suburbs and am following you! Have a super day!

Working Mommy said...

she is so cute...what a rough day she had too ;)


Iva Messy said...

awww what a cutie!!

Marla said...

Love it!

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