Spending Wisely - Saving Local Merchants!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

While I am a total online Shop-A-Holic...I do try to spend my fair share of dollars in my community.  Restaurants - (I so miss my Thistle's!), the local shoe repair lady, my community jeweler, thrift stores, and now I bring you...

Scott married this lovely lady, Kelley...she decided to open her own shop in Waconia, MN.
If you need stuff for an upcoming PROM or Formal...you should get to her place THIS SATURDAY.

from her blog:
Armanista Sneak
What is that you say...sneak peak?!

Stop in Saturday, April 3 from 11am to 2pm for the Armanista Sneak Peak and Prom Accessory Shopportunity!
Here is a little inside scoop on what you can expect:
15% off all accessories ordered PLUS 10% of sales will go to your school!
All clothing items marked at $16.00!!!!

Don't dily daly or you'll surely miss out!

Oh, and she had this on her site - I thought I would share to entice you to shop locally too!  ;)

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Kmama said...

What great statistics. Thank you for posting those!!

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