The BLUE award - thanks Jana!

Monday, May 24, 2010

This Award is a 'getting to know you' type of award and I love telling about ME - but I like hearing about you too.  Jana at The Little Black Book tagged me and five other bloggers with these questions.

{1} Favourite childhood memory?

My birthdays when I was little - My mom always made me feel special and made fun treats!  For some reason I remember wanting a lot of yellow for birthdays and she always delivered! 

{2} Favourite movie?  Lots!  But I identify with brat pack movies - loved St. Elmo's Fire most.

{3} Paris or London?  Never been to London - have been to Paris, so I am gonna say London.

{4} Sarcasm or Humour? Humor - too many people are sarcastic these isn't funny anymore.

{5} The Beach or the Hills?  ?I hope you don't mean the SHOW the Hills, but I pick the Beach anyway.

{6} Dawn or dusk?  Dawn! 

{7} Reading or something else?  Reading (& writing....)

{8} Favourite yesteryear moviestar? Clark Gable was the first name that popped into my head when I read that question.

{9} Favourite snacks?  Anything salty.  Pretzels, Nachos, pita chips and I am hungry!

{10} What does getting an award mean to you?  That someone READS MY BLOG actually!~! ;)

Okay I am SUPPOSED to tag six bloggers, but I have already tagged a bunch to write guest posts for me about road trips or cars...If you would like to do that email me!  Tell me a good story and I will be posting them each Tuesday & Thursday until June 18th, unless I get a TON then it will be more often.

First up will be Iris from My Life In Purple tomorrow!  Come back and hear all about her cool car!


sprinkles said...

Congrats on the award!

I've been to London but not to France. So how about you go to London, I'll go to France and then we'll meet somewhere in the middle?

I loved all the Brat Pack movies too, especially St. Elmo's Fire!

Anonymous said...

congrats friend ;)

Marla said...

I try to be humorous but it usually comes out sarcasm. Pray for me. :-)

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