Boo Boo Saturday with TECHNOCOLOR!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

This is Boo Boo at her best bud Mr. S's backyard, Batman, birthday party!

Miss Boo Boo was invited to the birthday party of one of her pre-k and daycare buddies Mr. S.  They have been together since they were about 6 and 11 months - she is older.  It was his fourth birthday and Mr. S is obsessed with...
(Mr. S's mom and I worked together, she said - "He has been obsessed with Batman for quite some time.  When will it be over? - ummm, my brother has a Batman ROOM in his house.  He is 38.)
I digress.
The cake arrived shortly after I came to pick-up my soaking wet little girl...water gun fight!  It was a cupcake Batman scene purchased at Target - with the most un-holy color of blue frosting.  Boo Boo La La went CRAZY for it as you see above...I said, "You look like you belong in Avatar!" and the party-goer's laughed, at least the grown-up attendees.  We went inside and cleaned up, without getting any blue in Mr. S's Mom's WHITE bathroom!
I thought nothing of the cupcake until Sunday morning when Boo Boo La La, once again, called me in to look at her poop!  It was turquoise.

Apparently blue frosting +  brown poo = turquoise

Enjoy your Saturday BBQ!!!


sprinkles said...

Thanks for not showing a picture of it, that's one visual I didn't really need! lol

Sounds like she had a lot of fun!

Cathy said...

ahahaha! I want turquoise poop, sounds so much better than brown poop!

She looks like she was having fun!

And, um, yeah, my husband has a spiderman, no, they never grow out of it!

Messy Mommy said...

WHOA! That is BLUE! Otter has been into Batman lately and I've actually been letting him watch the movies. Mother of the year.

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