...and the fun comes to an end for Boo Boo La La!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sorry I missed giving you a Boo Boo La La Saturday last week - I was in a wedding and it was a CRAZY week!  You see DAYCARE HAS BEEN CLOSED FOR TWO WEEKS!

So for the past two weeks Grandpa (My dad, not T-Bone's) has been helping out by driving to our house - 30 miles each way! - to spend time with his Boo Boo La La.  The man deserves a vacation to Hawaii!  He did three days each week all by himself - they went to:

7/13 The Como Zoo to ride rides and see the Polar Bears
7/14 The Minnesota Zoo - cuz they both LOVER it so much! (she was afraid of the crocs though and would not go see the new Africa exhibit....hmmm.
7/15 The Splash Pad, naturally
7/16-17 Grandma joined the fun for a local "beach" and she stayed OVERNIGHT while we were in the Groom's Dinner and such...
(Grandpa and Grandma got a break Saturday night cuz they were ALSO invited to the wedding - Candice stepped in!  Boo Boo loves her some Candice!)
7/20 They laid around and only went to McD's playland for two HOURS.
7/21 Willy Wonka at Stages AND the company picnic at the job my Dad just retired from...whew!
7/23 They laid around and went to McD's playland for anothe two HOURS! (Dad got to read the paper, he was good.  But I think my child ate McD's 4 out of the 7 days!)

Grandpa was also a good sport about playing kitchen, even if she fed the stuffed animals and told Grandpa he could serve himself "Cuz your a grown-up!"  He even let Boo Boo La La paint & color a bunch for Mama....including the one above that I got the full lowdown on Thursday night before dinner.

You see its a girl Mama.  She has to climb up those red & green spash poles to get to the beach.  And she has purple hair...and the green thing, that is the button you push and it makes a noise like spllloush and you get lots of water on you.  And that silver part is her hat.  She needs the hat to climb up to the pool and spinny slide and the beach...the whole thing is the beach and right here (pointing to the side of the blue "pool") that is the lifeguard and they keep everybody safe and tell the rules and blow their whistles like this TWEEEET!  Really the WHOLE THING is the beach and this part (pointing to blue "pool" and darker blue "slide") THIS part is the pool and slide and she has to climb those splashing poles to make it in there. 

You get it?

Sure babe.  Its as crystal clear as your pool.


lisahgolden said...

That sounds wonderful! What a nice thing for your dad to do, but also how cool for Boo Boo La La!

She's got a great imagination. Hooray for storytelling!

Anonymous said...

sounds like one awesome grandpa ;)

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