Am I Blue?

Monday, August 2, 2010

This is the month of August and we have begun our annual vacation at Breezy Point...last night we crashed a party - sang karaoke - and had too much wine!  It was glorious!  And is why this post is so late today. 

I won't be late the rest of the week as I am currently sitting at Dockside with a Mudslide and am scheduling my posts.  :) 

The rest of this week are all COLOR poems that I wrote wile I was living in Norway - some time after the turn of the year to 1986.

endless, protecting
leaving my side
even when
had died


sprinkles said...

Those last 3 lines would be exactly something I would've written about as a teen!

Michelle said...

Have a GREAT time! Sounds like you already are.

Mnmom said...

Dockside with a mudslide - how perfect!!!

lisahgolden said...

What MNmomsaid!

And how very deeply we feel and express ourselves when we're young.

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