Give Give Give - and three little sonnets

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hey - see that in the sidebar?  At the top over there?  GIVE GIVE GIVE?  On Friday it was my third blogaversary and I am giving away a bunch of stuff.  Don't forget to comment, tweet and/or blog about it for an entry!!! 

Now for the words from my very young self. 

These two are on one page - dated again August 1987 - funny thing is that between the two sonnets I wrote, "Am I a poet or just a frustrated scribbler?"
I vote scribbler.

Are all the flowers gone
now that I am?
Are the autumn colors
Has the crisp air of December
turned to bitterness?
Or is the spring just
now blooming?

floods the countryside.
A fire burns
but I cannot
reach the warmth
my companions supply.

This third one is on the facing page- however it has no date and the poems on the NEXT page were written in I am not sure when I put this little sonnet down on paper.

over the wall
all of your warmth
is it you or me?
Where can it end
the wall, the warmth,
or with me...

I am guessing it was not too long after the other poems, but the ink is different so I cannot be certain.

Again these are all poems written before I was 25 so they are quite honestly a bunch of crap. 
And I am okay with that... ;P


lisahgolden said...

I think lots of poets are frustrated scribblers!

sprinkles said...

I didn't think your poems were all that bad!

I didn't have any trouble entering your giveaway but I did have trouble with Smoochiefrog's on her Manicure Momma's blog. I finally figured it out so I was telling her I should win just because of all the trouble I had entering it.

MommyLisa said...

Sprinkles - Thanks and Ah-ha!

Marla said...

A bunch of crap?? Not even!!

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