Return of My Elizabeth Barrett-Browning Self

Friday, August 20, 2010

So instead of "How do I love thee..." in 1987 I wrote this tortured soul poem about being far far away...

from whom?  I cannot recall - really, no clue.  I was not dating my boyfriend who went off to Harvard any longer - I don't believe I was pining for anyone.  I guess its too bad for whomever I wrote this for...

loving you
madly, badly, sadly...
its all the same,
loving you
the way I do
is it hard or am I
just too far away
to be
loving you
LB aug 87

Happy Friday!


Michelle said...

This one cracked me up. It's sooo very teenagery angsty & love sick.

KLZ said...

I love so much that you can't remember who it's for. Stupid old boyfriends.

Marla said...

I really like this one!

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