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Saturday, August 14, 2010

The month of August is Silly Sonnets - click on Elizabeth above if you want to know more about why I am sharing these with all of you. 

Today I walk across the stage at Orchestra Hall in Minneapolis - My Mom, Dad, T-bone and BooBooLaLa will be in attendance. 

HEY!  Sidenote since this is usually BooBoo Saturday - She has her own Twitter account now that you can follow to read funny things she tells me.  @IamBooBooLaLa ;)  (can you believe there WAS a BooBooLaLa - but they don't even tweet!~ BOO!)

Here is a poem from 1985 today.

am I really here?
Do I really matter?
or is it just a thought
in the mind of another being
I cannot comprehend?
am I really here?

I am sure I wrote this because someone told me about the "brain in the pan" theory of beings. 

It DEFINITELY was not inspired by Keanu Reeves.  :)


lisahgolden said...

Congratulations on your graduation!!!!!

Cheeseboy said...

Congratulations! That is great.

The sonnet just blew my mind.

sprinkles said...

Congrats on your graduation!

Tree said...

Lovin' the poem, and congrats on your graduation! :)

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