Before Six O' Clock

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I woke up about twenty minutes before four o' clock this morning.  I rolled over after looking at the clock and thought I would just rest a few more minutes...

I hear whispering.

Boo Boo La La has come into our room - she doesn't do that very often - but she had already swung herself up onto T-Bone's side of the bed...I softly said, "Come here, come over here."  "You want me to come over there because you love me, right Mama?"  "Yup, I love you." I whispered into her hair and planted a kiss.

It must be after four by now, but I cannot see the clock.  I lay there softly rubbing Boo Boo's back as she drifts back to sleep.  I don't want the alarm to go off and disturb her, so after a bit I get up and turn it off. 

I kissed T-bone on the ear as the alarm clock is on his side of the bed...he sleepily says, "Love you babe."
"Love you too."

I go to the bathroom and slip off my pj's and put on my sports bra, addidas pants (always, I need to replace the three pair I have some day...) and the funny t-shirt we got for buying Tommy Bahama rum at Surdyks.

Where are those socks I put out?  Oh - there on the rug. 

I head downstairs, find my iPod and my wallet...put them into my bag...slip on my jean jacket and grab my keys...

Where are my keys?

Oh yeah...I put them on the hook by the door. 

Get my tennis shoes on from under the sofa in the dining room.  Pick everything up and go outside to the car and drive off...

I did two miles today.  :)


lisahgolden said...

That's excellent! Way to go, you!

MommyLovesStilettos said...

Go you! I wish I could run before work but I'm already up SO early I just don't think I can get up any earlier. I do my running at night but I LOVE love love to run in the morning on days I don't work :)

Mnmom said...

Yay for you! I've been walking more. It's free!! Don't you love when little ones crawl in bed in the wee hours? They smell so good and grow up so darned fast.

gretchen said...

Oh man, you are an inspiration! Good for you!!

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