Friday, September 10, 2010

Hey All - the MN Bloggers are getting together again - comment or email me if you want the details!!

We are fabulous!

I listen (and support!) The Current here in Minnesota - except for ONE minor detail...

please please please stop playing MIA - XXXO
if I hear it again I may XXXO YOU!  Ugh.  Bored.  Really.  It's NOT a good song...

This one is though....

Random things.

Boo Boo got up at about five am and came into my room.  She was awake for a bit and asked for cereal...she fell asleep with the bowl in her lap and didn't spill a bit!

Our cat Roofis is NUTZO.  If he hears you open a bottle he comes running to try and steal the cap - you know on water bottles or soda pops???  Yup, and he skitters them across the wood floors and carries them up the stairs to knock them down them all.  It is only funny when it is not 2 am.  He also follows me around everywhere and tries to "beat" me to the next spot - this morning it meant that he slid across the living room floor and then sat there and looked at me with a "HA! Beat ya!" look on his puss!

I am tired.  (aren't we all?) and tonight we are celebrating a friends BIG birthday at Lee's Liquor Lounge.  Again my friends attempt to make me look hip and young.... HA!

I *might* need a latte.

OH!  And do NOT forget to enter the GIVE GIVE GIVE - it is a thank you to my readers. 
drawing is Wednesday, September 15...

and, AHEM, Iris?  You did not comment to get your second entry for blogging my giveaway...get ON it.


sprinkles said...

Umm seriously, we've discussed this before. It's totally unnecessary for you to promote this giveaway so much and especially unnecessary to advise Iris that she needs to get her linkage in. The more people that enter, the less likely I am to win. And I *AM* going to win! Totally! I've decided that and taken all the work out for you. So no need to promote it. Just pack it up and send it all to me! 'Kay? 'Kay! Glad we got that settled!

Jen said...

I'm here in MN too!! N. St. Paul to be exact. Can you email me with details? I would love to meet others in the area. So much fun!!

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