Ian's Final Monday Minute!

Monday, September 20, 2010

This week's Monday Minute is co-hosted by none other than the world famous, Laura the Purse Blogger. She wrote the first three, Ian wrote the last two. Enjoy!

  1. Have you ever lied on one of your Monday Minute answers?  My only sin has been omission!
  2. What is on your bedside table? LOTS of books, read and unread, about three kinds of body lotion, my cheaters, a lamp, a wine glass, and dust.
  3. Lose your sight or hearing? Sight - I was in radio and sound is VERY important to me. 
  4. Would you rather give up all kinds of sexual contact for one full year or give up your DVR for three months?  I don't even OWN a DVR.  I cannot be bothered to worry about television.
  5. Name one thing that you are proud of that you've accomplished in your life.  My daughter being born a healther and happy human being - and so far staying that way!
Next week the Monday Minute Moves!


Cristy said...

How cool that you were in radio! I said I couldn't lose my sound either because I play piano and I just couldn't handle not being able to hear it anymore.

Hope to see you participating again next week for my first set of questions! ; )

sprinkles said...

Hmmm...I'm wondering what you omitted and where/when.

Anonymous said...

Love your answers. #5 is a wonderful thing to be proud of.
Thanks for linking up!

lisahgolden said...

These are such fun for the bits of insight it gives you about the writer.

Hollywood Glamorous said...

Thank you for such kind comments and for stopping by Hollywood Glamorous. I've returned the follow and look forward to getting to know you.

Slamdunk said...

I am with you on omission--nothing wrong with that.

Cathy said...

No DVR in our house either, no cable TV either.

My bedside table is always dusty too. What's the deal with that? Am I actually supposed to clean it;)

Anonymous said...

You are the first person I have ever run across that answered sight to that question! The dustiest (is that even a word?) thing in my house is my TV. Now that everything has gone digital I don't even know how to make a picture show up with that adapter thing.

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