Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Every once in a while I want cocoa - it doesn't even have to be winter its just one of those things. 

I used to crave one about 2-3 times a year...and then...

Caribou Coffee began melting "real Guittard® chocolate of your choice (dark, milk or white) with steamed milk and then top with whipped cream and chocolate chips to create our decadent hot chocolate."  Allow that to sink into your brain...mmmmmmmmmm.

Now let me describe this beverage form of chocoalte for you.

The barista hands you the steaming cup and declares,
"Medium hot chocolate with milk chocolate, skim milk, light whip and no chocolate chips?" 
Yes please! (And yes I do have to be that picky in ordering my cocoa.)
Yes, yes I will.  I will bring the cup to my nose and breathe in the intoxicating smell of steamy hot cocoa...and I must! take a sip before all the whip cream melts away!  Ahhhhhhhh.  The chocolatey goodness and creamy whip cream are ALMOST too much for me and my knees get weak.  I need to get to the car...stat!

I take my time with my cocoa...I sip and savor every last tiny drop. 

Sometimes I even tease it with a piece of peanut butter toast. 

I pray they did remember to leave off those chocolate chips because they sink to the bottom and make for an unappetizing grainy last gulp that ruins the whole thing....

Ahhh yes, smooth delicious steamy cocoa down to the very last drippity drop. 

I highly recommend you avoid this cocoa - milk and dark are both TERRIBLE!  ;) 

p.s. I have not tried white...that just ain't cocoa!
p.p.s. I seriously avoid Caribou Coffee as much as possible now because it is TOO tempting!
p.p.s.s. Lucky Starbucks!


Anonymous said...

I say it sounds like heaven in a glass...yummers.

Anti-Supermom said...

I thought your were going to say their dark chocolate mocha, because I love them.

Big puffy heart love them!

sprinkles said...

I wondered why you'd ever forgo the chocolate chips. You can never have too much chocolate!!!

I love hot cocoa too.

Today I was at the university campus to talk to financial aid and afterwards I saw a coffee machine in the hall. They offered a whipped caramel cappuccino which sounded soooooooo amazingly good. Only it really wasn't. It was a very small cup for having to pay $1.50 for it and it was freakin' watery. I didn't enjoy it at all and was pissed that I wasted my money on it. Oh well, I'll know better next time.

Professor Chaos said...

Mmmmmmmm sounds amazing. Now I have to find aCaribou Coffee. The one near our place closed.

Anonymous said...

Yum! Sounds fantastic!

Mnmom said...

My daughter works at Caribou and is always bringing home something delicious!!

Grace Matthews said...

MMMMM....I love hot cocoa too!!! I will definately NOT go there :) Found you through Lesli.

Salt said...

You sound every bit as picky with your ordering as I do with mine! This sounds amazing. Unfortch there isn't a Caribou coffee anywhere around me. :( At least not that I know of anyway.

Or maybe that's a good thing?

Jennifer said...

I wonder if there is a Caribou around here...I think I know what I want for the next date night with the hubby!

Cheryl said...

I don't drink coffee so hot chocolate? RIGHT up my alley!

Evonne said...

You had me at Caribou!

If only they could make a way to stop the chips from sinking. Or getting stuck in my straw if I get a cold drink!

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