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Friday, October 8, 2010

Flashback Friday with WebSavvyMom.com

So here is me as a very young girl.  And yes - you can see the date and age me...laugh - go ahead.

I have had this very very very vague and early memory.  You see my mom worked when I was a baby and I went to daycare (I think pretty much by myself?) to Bev and Pearly's house with their three boys! 

The thing I remember is one time Bev and Pearly waving at me from the open front door - Bev and Pearly were going somewhere and the sons were babysitting.  And I was laying on the living room floor waving back...giggling. 

I have no idea how I know this because I KNOW that I turned three AFTER we moved away from St. Paul to Blue Earth, MN. 

Its funny what the mind recalls...and what it completely blocks out.


Anonymous said...

the mind is a wonder. and you were such a cute baby:)

lisahgolden said...

That's an adorable photo. It's funny what we retain. I remember standing on the back rockers singing to my baby brother while my mom rocked him. I must have been 3.

Claudya Martinez said...

It is strange what the mind chooses to remember. I love that chair you are on.

sprinkles said...

Aww, how cute are you?

My earliest memory is of my mom painting a desk outside. I was out there with her and was going to stick my finger in the paint when my mom said, "No no, go play!" I even remember wearing a pink and white checker dress and white sandals. My mom confirmed this memory.

Cathy said...

What a classic photo! I love it.

Great memory too....I often feel like I'm losing memories from my childhood. I need to start writing them down when I remember them.

KLZ said...

I distinctly remember meeting my baby sister and my dog for the first time...but my parents refuse to believe me.

Deb said...

-->That is a cool print on that chair. ;-)


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