Self Beauty Awards 2011 - YEAH ME!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Okay last year I didn't blog about it much...
no reason that I can think of...
But this year WOAH!

I again have been selected to be a Self Beauty Awards Tester! 

Last year I got overnight hair repair treatments and one of the least expensive was the best.  Loreal Everstrong Overnight Repair Treatment really makes a difference in the "feel" of your hair the very next day - and I found for me the effect lasts through a couple of shampoos.  I even gave some away on my Blogaversary Big Give!  (hope that reader loved her stuff, I never heard.)


This year I got selected to test ANTI-AGE EYE TREATMENTS

OH MY NO - I am not offended.  I am forty-three, old you know!

The products came last Thursday and I have until BooBooLaLa's birthday to try them out and give Self my opinion. (I hope I win a set of ALL the products people are testing because so far I am in LOVE and the product I love is NOT cheap!)

I randomly grabbed one out of the bag and it didn't have a standard label.  It was definitely packaged as a test sample to be distributed for Self's Beauty Awards 2011 - the others were in standard packaging as you would find them in stores - even shrink wrapped!

I looked them all up today and was FLOORED.  I have over $350 in this little plastic bag they sent me.

And the first I tried in the generic package was the MOST expensive.  It retails for $150!

Caudalie: Premier Cru
Directly from their website

Premier Cru, The Ultimate Anti-ageing Cream

Inspired by the greatest vintages from the Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte, Premier Cru is an exclusive combination of the rarest, most precious, and most effective natural active ingredients for your skin. For the first time, Caudalie’s 3 signature patents – titrated Resveratrol and Viniferine from Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte grapevines and grape-seed Polyphenols - are combined in an exceptional cream which provides superior anti-ageing results.

I have got to tell you they are NOT pulling your leg on this stuff.  It is

Like I want this stuff every single day on my face. 

Normally my eyes feel dry and tight by the end of the day.  With this stuff the skin around my eyes feels just as soft at the end of the day as it did when I put the cream on...and I hardly use any at all!  I am so BUMMED it is so expensive...but I am telling you I may scrape my pennies together to buy more when this runs out. 

For now I am on to the next test sample, Renee Rouleau Firming Eye far, meh.


sprinkles said...

See now, if you'd picked ME, I'd have gotten back to you and told you how much I LOVED everything I received from the Big Give. But noooooo...

I wanna get free stuff too. Boo! I could really use some of that eye cream stuff.

Ma What's 4 dinner said...

Oh I need this stuff. I have finally admitted to myself that I am not 20 anymore. UGH! 36 requires a bit more maintenance.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's For Dinner

Mnmom said...

I battle wrinkles with the home remedy of having the OILIEST SKIN ON EARTH!

Glad you got the freebies! How fun!

Eric and Allison Shea said...

Cool! Congratulations! That is awesome and sounds like a really fun job!

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