Interview With A Boo Boo

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Boo Boo sez - "That's what the people want to see."
ML: How old are you tomorrow?
BBLL: Five and I am going to Chuck E. Cheese and go in the ticket blaster!
ML: Yes, you are.  What does it mean to be five?
BBLL: That means I can go in the ticket thing and get my own chair and cake and ice cream...AND stop what are you doing?
ML: I am typing what you say..
BBLL: Oh, did you just type that?
ML: Yes.
BBLL: And you get five year old stuff for your birthday.  Not baby stuff. 
ML: What kind of things will you be able to do when you are five that you couldn't do before?
BBLL: I couldn't do karate...
ML: You couldn't do karate?  Do you want to learn karate?
BBLL: No.  And I couldn't reach stuff, but now I can reach high.  That's good.
ML: Yes.
BBLL: Now can I talk more about Chuck E. Cheese.
ML: Ah no.
BBLL: I am done, I can't think of anything else.  Did you put new songs on my iPod yet?  And stop typing, the people don't want to read that much....


Crazy Me said...

Adorable! I need to do this with my children.

Town and Country House said...

Happy Birthday to Boo Boo La La! Have fun--five is a great age for moms and for kids!

Slamdunk said...

Happy birthday to your little one. If I were that age the Ticket Blaster would be tops for me as well.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday sweet girl! I hope Chuck and the ticket blaster are good to you.

The F_Uitlist said...

Happy Birthday Boo Boo la la! She's a funny little girl.
But why did I feel like she might throw on her oversized glasses and leave the room HAHA.

L said...

Hahahah oh my gosh! That is so funny! "the people dont want to read that much", hilarious! I would read tons more, she sounds like a character :) hope your sweet girl had a fun time at Chuckee's!

Carol said...

How cute! I hope she had a happy birthday!

KLZ said...

I can reach things.

I think that was my favorite part of being 5 too.

AiringMyLaundry said...


My daughter LOVES Chuck E Cheese.

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