The Party

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mama's Losin' It

We got there early, but I was still nervous someone had arrived before us that we had invited and they would be standing there.
But that was not the case, we had arrived in plenty of time to greet our guests.
It took awhile to get our hands stamped and find the party planner to guide us to our table and give us the run-down of what was to happen next. 

And it was LOUD at this party so it took a bit for the planner and I to understand each other.

"Did you look at the menu?  Do you know what you want to order?"
"WHAT?  I ordered online, don't you have that on your sheet?"
"Oh yeah.  Do you still WANT that?"
"Ummm, yeah."

not boding well for this party.

"Can we get her in the ticket blaster asap?"
"Sure, I will be right back."

~15 minutes later

"Okay, we can get her in the ticket blaster now!"  smiling
"Uh, now I have to go FIND her."

And on and on it went - being pushed and pulled around by our party planner at Chuck E. Cheese.  I mean, really?  You can't do some of the stuff WHEN I want it done?  Why? Why? Please tell me why?

But - we had wonderful turnout of GREAT friends.
The people ate ALL the food - save a few pieces of cake and celery sticks.
Boo Boo was DELIGHTED with everything and so HAPPY her friend Jordan had joined us! 

So, when I finally got into the car with a tired and happy five year old and my tired and not cranky husband, I was relieved it was all over.

anyone want about 140 Chuck E. Cheese tokens? ;P 
Blast Off!
 This post was written in response to Mama Kat's prompt to write about "A moment you truly felt relieved."


Jennifer said...

I'm so impressed you all left in good moods. I have to admit it--I HATE Chuck E. Cheese.

Happy Birthday to your little one, and congratulations on a successful party!

Tammy said...

Chuck E. Cheese parties...oh my! We have done our fair share of we have moved on...thank goodness!

Bekah said...

We hosted our first Chuck E Cheese Bday last month. It worked out fine, and I was relieved that someone else was cleaning up!

Claudya Martinez said...

Something to look forward to with my little ones.

I'm glad the guest of honor left happy.

lisahgolden said...

I'm glad Boo Boo had a good time! Those are convenient parties, but still a challenge.

Hyde said...

I still have yet to venture there! Looks like fun!

Eric and Allison Shea said...

I am refusing Chuck E Cheese for as long as humanly possible! Hopefully my kids will never know what it is!

KatBouska said...

Am I the only one who loves Chuck? We go first thing in the morning and literally no one is there! The kids run free, I get a slice of that awesome cardboard pizza and we go home. NICE!

Farah Jasmine said...

Birthday parties are such a relief when their over. Having a happy little one is even a bigger relief!

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