I let YouTube decide...

Friday, April 15, 2011

The wind was howling in the just budding spring trees.  It heralds the wintry blast we face this weekend her in the land of sky blue waters. 

I snuggled into my husband's fleece jackent and jumped into the car headed toward the Y.  I was going to lift weights again today - but I am so tired.  I made it - and chatted with Marvin a bit too about the bike trailer he converted to haul his dogs around Palmer Lake.  Marvin is the old guy who knows EVERYONE and has a bunch of little dogs and a wife who puts up with him...

I decided that today's Friday video would be YouTube's decision. 

I logged in and the veryfirst recommended for ME video was this.

I am still unclear how YouTube recommends a Korean Boy Band for me, Booger Pizzabuns, but I liked it anyway.

FYI - I tried to look them up and I found out the had a "come back" album last year.  Like, you know, because they are old and washed up.  ;P

Via tokyohive:

Korean boy band BIG BANG has just revealed that they will release their second Japanese album in May!

According to the new banner at the top of the group’s official Japanese website, their next album “BIGBANG 2″ will hit stores on May 11th. This will be their second release of 2011 as a group, their first being their Korean comeback mini-album.

Since no other information has been revealed, Japanese VIPs should continue checking their website for more news on this exciting new album.


Ginny Marie said...

That was a very random and very interesting! Who knew there was such a thing as Korean boy bands?

Anti-Supermom said...

I love you, you always make me smile!!

And I don't know how I missed your new design post, but it's really cute! I'm a sucker for a bird on a limb :)

Marla said...

Boy bands are such an interesting phenom in any language.

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