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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mama’s Losin’ It This weeks prompt I selected....

1.) A memorable high school job.

Except it is not a memorable high school job.  This one was a college job, or at least one of the many I had while I was attending Brown College.  Not "Brown University" - this was the COOL Brown College back in the day when Radio and Television Broadcasting was its main focus.

Yeah - I am "justifying" that choice just a smidge.


I cannot say the name of this restaurant as it is still in business today - which is a shock to me because the owner is an asshole not very nice.  And whenever I see his face or hear the name of this restaurant my nose wrinkles and I make that face.  You saw it the other day here on this blog...
Whattaya Lookin' at Loser?

I was a waitress.  I needed a new job so I rolled up my apron and found a spot slinging hash, or pasta primavera, closer to home.  Heck this guy knew my minister so he must be all right, right?  And he was pretty cool in the interview and pretty much hired me on the spot.  I was a happy girl.  Then I started working there and in the short time I was there I:

  • Watched him hire a chef I knew that got fired for embezzling from a local hotel.
  • Got TOTALLY STIFFED by guys ordering round after round of beers during the SuperBowl - our restaurant was empty except for these guys, me, the owner, a couple cooks and the bartender - it sucked.
  • Watched in HORROR at the way the owner and his son spoke to the servers.
...dum dum dum
Yes, I thought, he won't ever yell at ME like that.  He knows my minister for crying out loud.  Those other servers must be really REALLY bad if he swears at them like that.  I mean, wow.

One night I got a table early.  It was Friday.  I took their drink order and they ordered food right away too.  I served them their food and as it came up I got three other tables.


But something was wrong you see.  My first table that .  Their potatoes were BLACK on the inside when they opened them up out of the foil.  Uh oh.  "Let me fix that right away."  I head back to the kitchen and bring back two more potatoes on plates and begin to take drink orders for my new tables when... "Oh Miss?"

Yup.  More BLACK potatoes.

I tromp back to the kitchen and show them to the chef that I knew and said "Dude, quick open me two that are not nasty so I can get back out there."  and right on my heels is the owner.

"What the FUCK are you doing?  Why aren't you out there taking care of my customers you stupid BITCH!"

Say wha???

Now keep in mind I had heard him speak this way before.  To more than one other server.  But my reaction was a bit "different" than theirs you see because IWILLNOTBESWORNATINTHEWORKPLACE no matter who you think you are.

I calmly took my ticket book from the back of my apron, handed it to the now stunned owner, and said, "Goodbye, you deal with them."  got my purse and left.

It would have been REALLY mature if I hadn't then cut my green bow tie up into little pieces and mailed it back to him after I got my last check.


Moms said...

I goodness. Yes that would be a memorable job. People forget where they came from. I bet you he used to be a waiter and had the same type boss. He probably is still the same way too.

Crazy Me said...

Sooo many jerks in the restraunt business! I had a boss that had us go check his p.o. box everyday and everyday there would be new porn mags that he would then continue to look at in front of all of us! Soo gross and we were all 16-18 years old! Why he has never been reported is a shock because he still works in the same fast food restraunt in our small town at the time. I didn't report him because I was a 17 year old mom who needed her job. Ya know until he pissed me off and I said screw you and quit. lol

Diane said...

WTH?! I think I would have lost my mind if some ass talked to me like that. He's lucky all he got was a cut up bow tie. Good for you for not taking that crap!

Slamdunk said...

Sounds like you made the right call and I am sure prevented much worse from happening.

Lindsey said...

I hated working in restaurants. It seems the bosses were never nice and I always got stiffed. Visiting from Mama Kat's.

Jessica said...

What a jerk. I can't believe he is still in business.

Anonymous said...

It's disgusting to think that anyone who treats his employees like that is still in business.

Anne said...

Way to serve it to him!! What an A**hole. I am so happy that you walked and didn't stick around to be treated like that! Hmmm little green bow tie... Perkins? I think I would have taken those stinkin' rotten black potatoes and shoved them down his throat!

Linds said...

Good for you! My first boss as a waitress was AWESOME, hence why I married him. But the next waitressing job that I had? Blech! It was ridiculous.

April said...

Bosses like that make me crazy. I have an amazing boss now, and after having some winners like the one in this post, I appreciate it every. single. day.

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you quit right then. I dealt with an abusive boss (see my post here: http://stephanieinsuburbia.blogspot.com/2011/04/finding-fashion-why-im-still-looking.html) and I really wish I had just stood up for myself and stormed out.

Anti-Supermom said...

You are going to have to reply and let me know where *not* to eat, geesh.

What a horrible way to treat you and the other employees.


Meri said...

Yowza. There was a restaurant I worked at for approximately one week in college as well (won't name names) but I am surprised I didn't end up burning the place down after the ridiculous way they ran their "business." It's been awhile since I drove by that neighborhood so I'm not positive it is still open. Perhaps health codes have closed it. Urgh.

Unknown said...

I love how you sent your bow back in the mail all cut up. Too funny!!!

Paulette said...

Horrid just horrid! Good for you for both standing up to him and yes even for the small revenge of the green bow tie. I had an owner make me cry once (not hard to do) over scheduling conflict (asst mgr penciled me in he undid it didn't bother to notify me) they are now out of business.

Visiting from Mama Kats =)

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