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Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Idiots

Once Upon a Time...In a land Far, Far, Away called Chaska two idiots got married.

The wedding?  Part humor, part hysteria, part BEAUTIFUL song, part planning on the cheap, part spending WAY TOO MUCH on flowers (because that is who we are), and partners becoming one.

Are you planning a wedding?

You know there is one thing I thought was missing from my wedding reception.

Personalized napkins. 

These?  Perfect for my navy and red wedding.
And if in the year 2000 we would all have spent more money and time shopping online - I bet I would have had them.

You can.

Ann's Bridal Bargins is giving one of my lucky readers $100 to spend on anything at their website.  You must purchase at least $100 worth of merchandise (Really it's for a wedding are you spending less) and shipping is not included.

To enter?  Please leave a comment on which personalized napkin would fit your theme wedding and be sure your email link to comments is activated, or leave your email address in the comment.  Only comments posted by MIDNIGHT May 29th will be accepted.

The winner will be emailed the code to use at Ann's Bridal Bargins after they are selected - Memorial Day, May 30, 2011. You lucky duck!!!  Winner will  be selected at random by @Iambooboolala - I will tell her to pick a number between 1 and (blank = how many comments recieved) and that will be the winner!

 Comment away Peeps!

With a limo yell....


Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Hey, where'd you kids get married? I live in Chaska! We got married in Chanhassen.

Slamdunk said...

Napkins...Napkins... I can't remember what kind of napkins we had on the big day. I probably just used my sleeve--the tux was rented after all.

Meri said...

The napkins are cute! I can't enter but its neat that you are doing this giveaway!

Crazy Me said...

AHHH the napkins! I actually did customize our napkins, about one of the only things we did custom and two days before the wedding we were told that they didn't come out correctly so we could get them for free. I didn't want free, I wanted my napkins.

You look beautiful in your wedding pictures!

cswyant said...

You look beautiful- I love your wedding gown! And Terry's expression is classic! I'd like to win the napkins, that way when people ask "How's the wedding planning going?", I can at least say "Well, we have chosen some fantastic napkins!"

Just A Normal Mom said...

Great picture! We did napkins. I think we had hundreds leftover for years. lol - finally put a couple in the scrapbook and got rid of them. I have no idea why we had so many!

Nicole said...

Oh man, I've missed it. I've had a bad internet connection while house sitting. Maybe next time.

sprinkles said...

Awww, you look so pretty!

MommyMandi said...

One of my best friends is getting married soon and I want to throw her a bridal shower. However, we are low on funds. This would be great! Thanks for the chance to win.

Mandinav at aol dot com

Katy K said...

So fun to see your "real wedding" photos!

I'm getting married next year and LOVE Ann's - definitely where I'll be getting a bunch of my stuff!

For napkins, I'd choose the black cocktail napkins with white foil for our names and the "Embellishment" detail as we're going with a black and white and damask theme. Thanks for the chance to win!

Christie said...

Not sure if this is open for Canada too, but if so, count me in please! We are planning our wedding for next year and the Black Cocktail Napkins with purple foil embellishments would be perfect as those are our main colours! I'm not sure what picture we'd put on them since there are so many nice ones but probably the intertwining hearts to show our love :)

Thanks for the chance!
swaggirl01 at gmail dot com

silverroses2 said...

What a fun giveaway! I think tEcru Pearl Floral Heart Luncheon Napkinkins would be perfect for my wedding! silverroses2 at hotmail dot com

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