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Thursday, July 7, 2011

When the email from Mama Kat dropped in and I read:

3.) Do you love it or hate it? An open letter to your child's latest obsession.

I knew I had a winner.  Well - of a story, not a letter.

Last February at the Minnesota Zoo's Annual Beach Party my SIL and I bought our children these stuffed panda bears.  The lady in the zoo store was so "kind" to point out they were on sale for $15...and the girls were in LOVE.  This investment has paid off - despite the fact PANDA was selected as his name, and he is alternately a girl or a boy, he has been a pretty steady companion and is often brought along on shopping trips and strapped into the car as if he were a real child.  He attended Sunday School and @Iambooboolala even insists I am his mother! 

Last week my darling daughter informed me that Panda was having a birthday and it was the day after the Fourth of July - I smiled and said,

"Uh-huh" said @Iambooboolala, "He is going to be five - he told me."

I didn't think anymore of it but over the weekend she would say, "Panda's birthday is coming up." "Is tomorrow Fourth of July?" "Panda's birthday is AFTER that and he will be five."  I knew I was in for something.

Fifth of July - daycare is closed and I am working from home for a half day.  I got up as quietly as possible and went down to work.  I got in nearly two hours before she came downstairs and asked for breakfast, and bamboo for Panda for his special birthday breakfast.  (Straws in a bowl in case you are wondering - plus? no idea how she knows what Panda eats.  He must have told her....)  Then the two of them lay on the couch watching YouTube videos and playing The Wedding Planner Game...finally...

"What are we going to do for Panda's birthday today Mama?  He ought to have a party, but I am his only friend."

I shot down going to the pool because I was waterlogged from the beach and pool all weekend, plus?  Panda is a stuffed animal and that would be no fun for him....

Then I remembered I had a wristband with points on it in my wallet for Nickelodeon Universe.

"Do you think Panda would be okay going on THREE rides and calling it a day?" 
"No - if we go to the Mall of America Mama we have to go to Build A Bear and get Panda a new birthday outfit....and a phone, he told me he wants a phone too."

Okay FINE - I am a sucker.  Panda got to ride along to Mall of America - And we met some friends on the way to the Pineapple Under the Sea....

And yes, I paid the $9.99 plus tax again for a picture...sigh.
 Panda was ALLOWED on Diego's Rescue Rider....
The jerk manning The Backyardigan's Swing Along?  He made Panda watch from the shoe rack...

Boo Boo said it was okay after a bit because "Panda is cheering for us." But, she did look like she was going to cry when he started to take him and I tried to reason with the jerk...all's well that end's well.

It's your BEAR'S birthday?  You have crazy mama!
Then we went to Build a Bear and it took about TWO MINUTES to select the Super Hero outfit you see here...Panda was consulted on which color phone he wanted, black or pink, and being secure in his hermaphrodite status he selected pink.  Then we wandered the store looking at all the other choices, paid and got Panda's dirty sweatshirt off for the cool new gear.

Starbucks was in sight for me...and of COURSE Kai Lan was hanging out just outside the door to my latte.

As you can see Panda had a great day...his birthday hat Boo Boo rescued from her dress-up box completed his look.

We wrapped it all up with a stop at Wuollet's for cupcakes and McDonald's for a Redbox movie.

FYI, Shrek Ever After was pretty darn good for $1! 

So yes, I guess I love this little obsession of my daughter's.  Panda is, after all, my child too. 

P.S. As I pondered why on earth she would create a birthday for her friend it occurred to me that my poor child has a birthday thisclosetochristmas...she has gotten several birthday invites for summer children and I think was feeling left out.

We may have to create this half-birthday as tradition.

Mama’s Losin’ It


Ginny Marie said...

Several of my girls' stuffed animals have birthdays too, but I am not a generous as you! What a fun day... you should celebrate Boo Boo's half-birthday every summer!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday to Panda! You're a great mom for taking the birthday bear and your daughter to do so many fun things to celebrate Panda's big day.

The Sisters' Hood said...

My birthday is Dec 29th .. I fully support half birthday's.
She is super smart!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Love it!

Cori said...

nothing wrong with half-birthdays, I celebrate mine every year ... even if it is just by myself cuz my family refuses to throw me a big party lol!!

Happy Birthday Panda!!

Anonymous said...

that's really cute! I can't wait til my daughter gets into that kind of stuff! (oh and check out my site...you are a winner!)

Anonymous said...

and what is the wedding planner game? It sounds fantastic!

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