HELP! She is going to kill me...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Oh no Mama! Not ME!?!?!?

Yes, you!  That's who.

Dear @Iambooboolala,

Just because you decide to wake up at 6:49 am on Monday morning does not mean your 12:55 pm bus is going to come sooner.  It is HOURS my dear child before Bus Man Scott will arrive at the corner to take you off to school and the wonder that is Mrs. E's room.  

I know, I know, it IS a school day today.  But honey!  School starts at 1:05 pm, not immediatelyfollowinglunch that you have been begging for since 10:22 am. And for the record Bubba, we are not eating until noon at the earliest so you can stop badgering me with the whine of "I AM STARVING." because you are NOT starving.  You got bacon and cocoa crispies for breakfast - AND juice too.  

You will survive.  

Really?  Really?  Daddy HAD to come home and say, "Why aren't you at the bus yet?" at 12:38 pm.  Sigh. keep myself calm and not checking for the bus every second until 3:58 pm when they deliver her home.  

How is your school year so far?


Slamdunk said...

Ha, sounds like you handled it well.

Our kids have not got back into the swing of school as it started and then the floods have canceled school for the past week. Yuck.

Michelle said...

Oh, has she been calling Finn and giving him ideas? Because that sounds like every day in our house since school started.

Working Mommy said...

Good luck mama - you'll make it through!! Thankfully mine aren't quite in school yet :)


Claudya Martinez said...

She's adorable and eager.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

She is sooo freakin cute! Love how excited she is. I remember I subbed for the first week of first grade and I had a boy check the window every 5 minutes to see if the bus was there to take him home yet. It drove me CRAZY ;)

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