Scenes from Country Kitchen

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mom, Boo, Gramps and Grandma walk into a Country Kitchen to have brunch.

B: I want a quarter to play!!! (pointing at the Toy "Hook" Game")
Gramps: I don't have any...
M: No.
Grandma: Maybe after we eat Grandma can find you a quarter.
M: Mom said "NO."
B: *instant fake waterworks*
Grandma: Here, you can have some gum.  Grandma bought you gum.

Yes, Grandma decides to give Boo all her gum instead of let her be upset for about thirty seconds.  Seriously once we sat down with crayons she would have totally forgotten about it.

Sitting at the table with menus...the family works out what to order:

M: Do you want french toast, pancakes...
B: *eyes chocolate chips* PANCAKES!  Chocolate pancakes.
M: Okay then.

Order arrives and Boo has now DROWN the pancakes in syrup:

M: You had that option...
Grandma:, have one of Grandma's.

Seriously?  Who IS this woman?  ; )

p.s. I love my mommy.


Working Mommy said...

grandparents are allowed to spoil...its how they roll (my parents do it too - so frustrating sometimes!) ha!


gretchen said...

Ahh! Yes, I identify. And I guess I agree with Working Mommy - as annoying as it is!

MommyLisa said...

Funny part is, my DAD tries to ACT tough...but when he takes her by himself....

Slamdunk said...

I love the accomodation. Wish we lived closer to either of our kids' grandparents.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

that is what grandparents are for :)

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