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Saturday, November 12, 2011

So Thursday night I got invited to an event at Brookstone where they were going to highlight some great gifts for the upcoming Holidays - Hey, I love a good night out at the Mall of America - AND the opportunity to meet more local bloggers does not hurt.

Where were you Life With Levi??  We could have carpooled! 

@Iambooboolala and I got there at the same time as Darcie of Gust Gab - and Tracy from Sellabit Mum was not far behind her.  I love these women's blogs AND Tweets ;)  And we were tweeting to @brookstone the whole night!  

So without further ado - here is what you can get me for Christmas this year.

I love my bed - and to prevent marital strife how about some Tempurpedic Pillows exclusively at Brookstone and a DUAL control heating blanket from Brookstone's own line.

Then for the family there are cool things like a treat dispenser that detects motion - or the bowls that keep your cereal from EVER being soggy:

Mmmm M&M's thanks Kevin

And if you want to keep your child happy - just park her with the Tech Guys up front at Brookstone and watch what happens:  

Here Rover!

Come and GET ME!!
The new remote control vehicles can even be powered by Apps for your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android Smart Phone.  AND THEY TAKE PICTURES!!!! How cool is that brother?

So thank you Brookstone for inviting us to join you in getting ready for the Holiday Season ahead!

Note: I was compensated with lovely treats AND M&M's - plus a nice gift bag for telling you about what Brookstone has for the holiday season.  Check out their stocking stuffers too!!!!

But I bought the Santa Pig Popper for myself - too fun!


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