Santa's of Christmas Past

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And lo, Mama Kat Angel came from the east and said...

Write about Santa's past.

Santa, Mrs, & Boo
Which means of course I can show cute pictures of Boo Boo.

But also that I can re-hash my Santa tale from Holiday 2010.  In case you had not noticed I am not blogging a lot lately.  The first reason was I felt uninspired because I had no job, and now it's because my job is keeping me SUPER BUSY (and Kid-fu, Girl Scouts, Sunday School teaching, volunteering and kindergarten...whew!)   So here you have it - What happened LAST year:


Yesterday I played along with Wordless Wednesday and put up this picture of my Dear Sweet Child, Boo Boo La La. 
I got lots of nice comments about how cute she is - Thank you - and I wanted to tell you how it came to be that I found myself paying for a picture with Santa Claus for the first time EVER in her life. 

You see my husband is in a union and every year they have a Christmas Party for all the kids to come and see Santa and Mrs. Claus - she sat on the SAME Santa's lap (or at least near it) every year since she was 11 months old.

The Evidence:

At 11 months

Just about Two

At almost three she didn't think she liked the big guy...

Almost four and starting to get the picture...
This year however my husband had to WORK on the day of the party...and while I would KNOW people there, including my BIL and his family, it was essentially my husband's WORK Christmas Party and who goes to their spouse's Christmas Party without their spouse? 

I thought to DO have a backup Santa.

THIS is what I call a good backup Santa!
Boo Boo's Pre-K ALWAYS has a visit from Santa!

wah wah wah

Remember what happend at Boo Boo's Pre-K Christmas Pagent?  Snow-maggedon 2010?  The blizzard of SEVENTEEN INCHES OF SNOW that took down a football stadium? 

yeah, no Santa that day either.

So what does a mama do that PROMISED her Boo Boo she could visit Santa?

She takes her to the mall on the COLDEST night in December that is possible and does it on the night they ALSO allow people to bring their pets. 

I am a genius.

But Boo Boo was soooo excited.

As we stood there in line for nearly two hours she was as patient as any four year old could possibly be...having to wait for THREE dogs to sit with Santa ahead of dirty and in a scraggly pony...not dressed up in her Christmas Best like years past...but you know what?

She chatted with Santa for the longest time.  And this Dear Santa really listened and talked with her on a whole other level than our Santa's of the past. 

And T-Bone still got to watch The Vikings at Applebee's.


Unknown said...

We rarely go see Santa. We did it with the first kid, but #3 had his first real visit just this year. Nearly 4 years old! And, only because it was free:). Happy holidays to you all!

Raising Z and Lil C said...

So cute!!! I try to get a photo every year but this year Lil C refused to sit on his lap so it was just Z :) I did get a picture of her touching his hat though. So adorable....enjoy the Holidays!!!

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

Your little girl is adorable in those Santa photos! I'm glad she had such a sweet Santa. You're a great mom to take her!

Ducky said...

How fun! Lil Duck is 3 and still doesn't want to have anything to do with the guy in red. She will look from afar but to actually get close enough to be in the same photo frame and he, nope...nada...not gonna happen :O)

sprinkles said...

You know, my parents weren't big on pix when I was a kid. I do remember going to visit Santa but don't remember ever get pix with him.

Arnebya said...

There are pictures of me with Santa as a child, but I have never taken the kids and the oldest is 11. Santa has come to their schools and I've paid for them to take them. I think the 2 yr old would kick him in the shins so our staying away may be best.

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