Friday, January 27, 2012

She was a hottie                                                   who liked to have fun.

I miss my grandma a lot.  My Uncle sent me these pictures yesterday - not exactly sure why.  He probably misses her the most.

Love you Rowdy.  *mwah*


sprinkles said...

You and your grandmother look a lot alike!

I never got to know any of my g-ma's.

gretchen said...

Ah! She was a beauty!

Michelle said...

I absolutely love that first pic. She looks so chic.

Slamdunk said...

Indeed--fun pic.

I remember being very surprised as a goofy teen after my grandparents had passed away and we were cleaning out their property. In a storage room above their garage, they had a large framed image of my mom probably in hs as a parade queen and riding in a convertible.

My mom was... a parade queen?

Not sure what happened to that old photo. Would be great to see again.

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