Fairy Kisses

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Over the winter we noticed a freckle on Boo Boo's cheek.

Let's look.

Just under her right eye...your left side of the screen.
It just popped out sometime between late January and late February.  She spied it one day and asked me what it was.  And I said,

"It's a fairy kiss."
"Ohhh, a fairy kiss?"
"Yes, it's where one of the fairies came down and kissed you."
"Awww." and cupped her little face so happy.

Then tonight getting ready for her bath she shouted.

"Mama LOOK a new fairy kiss!"
a little freaked out as I know the ticks did not all die over our warm winter.....
"Let me see.  HUH, it is a new fairy kiss.  I wonder how they got you there on your tummy."
"I bet while I was sleeping Silvermist lifted up my jammies and Tinkerbell kissed me right there."
"That sounds about right."

So - do fairies kiss you?


Unknown said...

Mwahh back! Thanks for still being there after all of this time! :-)

gretchen said...

That's so sweet! I've never heard of fairy kisses, but I would have loved that notion when I was a little girl!

MommyLisa said...

I made it up Gretchen. I don't know how it shot out of my brain and into my mouth that day, but it made Boo's day. I dont think I heard it any where before, but some things I don't remember. ;)

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