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Saturday, June 16, 2012

The other evening I spent time catching up with the people I went through the most with...

My college friends.

I am not talking about just the girls - the guys were there too.  They were important.

My sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi - Tau Chapter - was known as being the "fun" girls who worked hard, were smart as hell, drank beer, and liked to camp & tube down a river instead of have an actual spring formal.

The boys we hung out with?  The Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity.

Hey, the keg was always tapped in the beer room & whatever you admitted to when we played "I never..." stayed in the beer room.

My favorite pieces of conversation.

"After Merlin burned down our house we fired our next cook for having sex with the Delt cook in our kitchen."

"Thank you - she's adopted."  ;)

"Do you have students come back and say you were their favorite teacher?"  "OF COURSE!" (for the record, she would be my favorite teacher.)

"I find that I can't remember things." (we are getting old.)

"Oh I know how it is with a worthless ex." (People who knew you when are the best to commiserate with.)



"You'll have just enough time to pick up a hooker on the way home."

"HOW DO YOU REMEMBER ALL THAT LAB???"  (yes, I am LAB, and my brain is full of useless trivia about my friends.)

"How did you guys get so lucky to marry those awesome chicks?"  (we LOVE our friends wives they met after college.   HIGHLY approve...they married up for sure.  :)

and my favorite thing of all to hear?

"I love your blog."

You know how when you are a super-minor-outoftheway-blog it's nice to hear that someone you like, and even admire for the person he is, tells you that.

And it was fun to hear stories about things I forgot - or was not around for - to catch up on where everyone is.  (NEVA IS IN GREECE???)

But the ultimate compliment for all of us came from one of the guys wives - she said, "I love hearing the old stories." because, really?  We all worry we are not very interesting.

I am just glad we didn't BORE her.  :)

And NOW for a blast from the DEKE basement past...Enjoy your Saturday Night.

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Raising Z and Lil C said...

Sounds like so much fun! So nice that you could all get together like that!!! I now feel like I need to plan our next College Reunion :)

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