It feels good to be a Gangsta...

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So - shortly after I met my husband things got serious.

Really shortly.

It was unusual I guess, even strange that we decided to get married so soon after we met.

It was not smooth - but it was right, you know?

People soon started questioning my brother, "Do you like this T-bone guy?"

My brother said, "He drinks beer, he golfs.  What's not to like?'

Oh - and he has such great style.

Every year I am abandoned by my husband for a day of golf and merriment with my brother and his buddies from high school and various additions over the past twenty years - they call it, The Bastard Open. (I should probably have my brother write about WHY they call themselves "The Bastard's" because even I am not quite sure, they just always have called themselves that.) 

My hubby and brother are partners and try to coordinate with each other.  It started with the Batman shirts my hubby made for them, then this year my brother told the hubs he should get some plaid "man-pri's" so they could try to match more.  They ended up with the EXACT SAME PAIR.

Yeah, it IS good to be a Gangsta.

And just how stylish is YOUR man?


Michelle said...

OMG Lis, I am dying laughing over here. Those man-pris are hilarious.

Raising Z and Lil C said...

Love their matching outfits! Too funny that they got the same pair....perhaps they were brothers switched at birth? ;)


Amanda said...

That is hilarious!

And how fabulously they rock those man-pri's!

Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha! I'm chuckling over here!

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